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Training Sessions

Mastermind Groups
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● 1 Hour Session - Price Varies

Mastermind groups utilize collaboration, brain storming, and education to uncover blind spots in your business. Our mastermind group will help you succeed in your goals by providing experts' insight on your business' current standing, goals, and future endeavors. This group excels in energy and support to give you and your business everything you need to expand your vision. Personal skills improvement, instant feedback, a supportive network of professionals, and a shared passion are available to you through our Mastermind Groups. Click the button below to schedule a free 20 minute consultation to learn more. 

Consulting Services
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● Price Varies Based on Scope of Work; Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call

Need a more personalized approach to growing your business? We offer one-on-one consulting sessions to hone your areas of improvement. Consulting services included expert opinion and recommendations on your business plan. Your areas of concern are covered individually in these sessions. Learn how to refine your company's vision and be clear about your goals. Want to know more about our consulting services? Click the button below to schedule a free 20 minute consultation. 

Coaching Services
● (1) 20 Minute Introductory Consultation - complementary
● (1) 30 Minute Session - $50 
● (3) 45 minute coaching sessions over the course of a month $250

Our coaching services are the perfect hands-on training to grow you business in a tangible way. Practice your networking skills under the guidance of an expert. Our team of pros will give you the individual advice you need on your networking, business marketing, and relationship management skills. Coaching services focus on transforming skill knowledge into well executed habits. Want to learn more about our coaching services? Click the button below to schedule a free 20 minute consultation. 

Service Testimonials 

"I've known PJ and Reneldo for about 5 years and I can attest to how they have influenced my life. They have both inspired me not only to be a better influence in my community; but a better role model for my son. I admire the ambition they have to turn great potential into forward action. These gentlemen are  men of  integrity and I am honored to have them in my life."

"Having known PJ and Reneldo since we were teenagers and growing up together to see how they have become the men in business that they are, has been such a pleasure to watch and experience their work, guidance, and footsteps to success as a friend and in business.  They continue to do amazing things in the community specializing in helping and teaching our underserved youth that their dreams are possible and that there is so much beyond their back yard. I pray the God continues to bless and lead them in business and friendship to continue making an impact on our communities and the world."

"PJ and Reneldo are two of the most ambitious, creative and driven entrepreneurs in business today. They have a heart and spirit to not only become successful business men for themselves but are determined to see as many others as they can succeed also. Whenever I have the opportunity to work with them and their organization it is evident that they continually strive to become better in every area so that everyone involved benefits."

Mr. Andre Aiken | Cereal Entrepreneur

Mrs. Monique Nicole Holmes | Interior Decorator, Business Coach and Marketer

Mrs. Amani Davis-Martinez | Educator and Entrepreneur

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