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Friends In Business (The Book)
The Blueprint for doing business with family and friends

Friends In Business is a contemporary handbook designed to take readers through the "How To's" of starting, maintaining or repairing a friend in business relationship. Topics covered in this text include: How to select a friend or family member to do business with, how to cast a shared vision, how to communicate appropriately, how to invest and split profits equitably as well as how to create and maintain the proper mindset.

Purchases made on Amazon Smile contribute towards Real People Educating Others (RPEO), a not-for-profit founded and ran by P.J. and Reneldo. Find more information on RPEO here.
Friends in Business, The Book Reviews

"This topic is so amazing and goes against the common "advice" of the general public. It is a complete "how-to" for success in business with family/friends."

"A wonderful easy read, blueprint to success. This book gets straight to the point! It opens the mind and thought processes of those of us who have considered or who are still on the fence about going into business with loved ones. This book will give you something to think about before making that leap. Along with helpful tools and suggestions when dealing with inevitable conflicts. A highly recommended read!"

“This book supports obtaining mentorship and coaching especially when you do not have experience when partnering with friends and family. This is very valuable for gaining guidance and perspective.  Choosing a mentor and coach you can trust is critical for success.”

Keota Staton, M.Ed. | Educator, Entrepreneur and Former Senior Vice President with 5LINX

Miko B | Author & Entrepreneur 

Cindy Davis, CRCM | Vice President Regulatory Manager Old Point National Bank

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"PJ and Reneldo are two of the most ambitious, creative and driven entrepreneurs in business today. They have a heart and spirit to not only become successful business men for themselves but are determined to see as many others as they can succeed also. Whenever I have the opportunity to work with them and their organization it is evident that they continually strive to become better in every area so that everyone involved benefits."

Attorney Brian Smalls | President and CEO of Cornerstone Estate Planners

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