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Friends in Biz

Mastermind Groups, Coaching, & Business Consulting Services

Our Mission

"Friends In Biz' Mission is to improve family, friend and familiarity business dynamics through an understating of personalities, an assessment of expectations and a reinforcement of proven business practices.”

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Reneldo Randall and P.J. Piggott are the masterminds behind Friends in Biz. They understand the delicate relationship between friendship, family, and business; they do not have to be separate. You will benefit from the mastery of relationship building and management to improve your business while having thriving relationships. 

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Reneldo Randall

Reneldo Randall, M.B.A. is a dynamic and savvy authority on successful leadership in advancing human and intellectual capital; a big-picture visionary who understands how daily operations shape results and goals.  As a motivated achiever, he is recognized domestically and abroad for combining excellence, integrity, and innovation with best practices and “common sense” to achieve immediate and long-term goals.  As a higher education administrator, non-profit leader, business strategist and leadership consultant he is an effective manager of people with unsurpassed interpersonal skills.

P.J. Piggott

PJ Piggott, B.S. is a visionary entrepreneur who is revered and respected as a strategic connector of people.  A leader who motivates individuals to push past their limits to achieve their goals.  A serial entrepreneur who has an eye for business niches as well as an ability to market them effectively. As a healthcare professional, athletic coach, non-profit and top multi-level marketing leader he is an impressive shepherd of people with an unmatched work effort. 

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